Well it's been the first week of treatment with RT and ONC after diagnosis mid September. I'm hating the PICC line and having to carry around the bottle of chemo and must remind myself it's for the better (I have people that depend on me) so need to remain positive that this will all be okay in the end. It's quite confronting to find yourself face-to-face with mortality. We all think of it from time to time but it's a different demon when it's YOUR demon. Before treatment Cancer was just another word. It came with digestive symptoms but it was just a word. It didn't change who I am, or how I felt physically - just additional knowledge was provided after seeing the colonoscopy and endoscopy photographs and understanding why "my normal" was not normal. Local Dr put it down to stress - deep down I knew there s probably something else happening. When speaking with local GP he was reluctant for the tests to be done and after a second or third visit when I demanded something be done have in to my request. He was as shocked as I was with the test results - but it is what it is and we must now deal with it as best we can. Thankfully stage 2. I haven't heard anyone say it was caught early but asked an ONC nurse how long this tumor could have taken to grow - 10 years was the reply. Anyway that's the start of my journey. More when I feel like sharing PTDT
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