only 2 more rounds to go for chemo and im done. itll be 7 all up when the dust settles and im starting to get back to normal. feeling I can cope better towards the end of it all. don't know if its cause im at the end of treatment or my body is tolerating it better, but i feel chirpier.
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Im so glad you at the end of it, such a hard thing to go through, i hope all works out and you have a positive outcome 🙂 best of luck
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thanks lukke72. sorry for the very late reply, haven't had much time to myself for a while. been preparing the valiant for a massive car show in march and also getting back to work. the tumor is in remission at the moment so, how long I have before it grows again, (if ever)Is anyones guess. have to stay positive about it and say it will never come back.
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