I have had my first surgery to remove the huge melanoma from my head, and I will be seeing the specialist head and neck surgeon tomorrow to discuss upcoming operation. I am still in good spirits ( vodka and baileys) and while I have down days, on the whole I am doing well. Financially though life is sucking hairy dogs balls. My husband and I only recently bought our first home and moved far away from family and friends obviously not expecting this silly cancer to pop up. Now we are faced with the reality that I will not be returning to work next month as planned and that hubby earns just over the limit for us to qualify for any centrelink payments that would most definately ease my anxiety and our financial pressures. Have any of you dealt with this side of centrelink and found a way through.... its all so bound up in red tape. With 3 small children the other difficulty I face is who will watch them whilst I am recieving treatment, although preschool has offered to help where they can, its not a long term solution. I just don't know how much I will be able to do after this surgery and then during chemo.... Have any other mummy's had to deal with this? Please throw me a rope if you have any suggestions. xxx DeeDee
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