My husband has passed away. He had a 15 month battle with melanoma. I can not believe he has gone. I sometimes feel as though he is still in hospital or on a long shift at work. but then i think he is not ever going to walk through the front door again. Or sneak into bed aftyer a night shift. But the on the other hand our little boy who is now also 16 months old brightens the darkest day. My mum keeps saying to people :how can you be sad with him around". This is true, too true Today is the second day of my new life with no one here helping me. I am coping ok. I think. As i try to type here with my tears streaming down my cheeks. The shock of it all has not really not hit me yet. I feel as though i should be crying more. curled up in a ball somewhere in the dark. But that is not what my husband would want. I have had a good friend a Josephite sister (nun) give me a story about dragonfly Please read it and think of your loved one and how life as we know is beautiful but who knows what in next in store for us.. (on my next Blog) called Dragonfly Miss you mate. Forever
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