Today I had my first appointment with the oncologist. It was shit, scuse french. I have adenocarcinoma. Cancer is in both lungs, they are also looking at a presacral nodule which is supposed to be somewhere down my back area. It's also spread to the glands in my neck. I was doing ok at my first meeting with them till they broke the news to me that the cancer is at stage 4 and is incurable. I was told that people with stage 4 lung cancer typically survive around 1-2 years. Tonight im looking up holiday deals. This shit is too much to take anymore. I cant get counselling till i see the mental health care nurse on the 23rd november. The person who runs the only cancer support group in town is away on school holidays. So sick of all this crap. I want someone to talk to in person, not over the phone or email. I give up.
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