My heart is breaking, I lost my Mum 11 days ago after nearly a 12 month battle with pancreatic cancer. I dont know how to cope and am finding daily jobs impossible. I have to go back to work tomorrow and am not looking forward to it at all. My girls went back to school today and my 11 year old cried all morning getting ready. I feel so empty and nothing feels right. People keep telling me it will get easier and that at least mum is not suffering anymore. I just want the pain to stop 😞
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It must hurt so much. I wish there was something helpful I could say but there's not. Life is bloody tough sometimes and there is no way through it, except one day at a time. Gail
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it's so hard. to make it thru the day. u just want to yell stop the world. I need to. get off. and get my thoughts together. in. 6 months u will find the fog. starting to clear. but. as to when it gets easier. that is a question with. no answer. some days are good. u will just have more good days. wish u a big deep breath. and the strength to. continue
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Hi there! My darling husband died nearly three weeks ago from Epithelioid Harmangeoendothelioma. He had suffered for four and a half years. I went back to work this has been a nice distraction........ My kids (7 and 5) have only missed one day of school/ per school and that was for the funeral......I didn't know what to do, but it felt right to send them everyday. There are no rules here. If I wake up tomorrow and am really sad/ emotional, I won't go to work........ Just be gentle on yourself and hug your kids tight......that's what has been working for me. St feeling really sucks but know that you a grieving because of love. That is comforting to me. Good luck to you! PA
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