So there was no sign of side effects and away I went to Canberra at Easter. The weather was wonderful and I delighted in the sun. Plus the 18 music venues with music 18 hours a day. There were lots of logistical complications about the trip including needing to do a return flight to Melbourne to have scheduled scan. But after that we had 3 days of relaxation, travelling down the east coast back to Melbourne. And the side effects decided to get their revenge! I had a red and swollen face (probably from that lovely sunshine) that burnt. A lot. The only relief was to have a wet face washer on my face at all time. And the rash, all over body, just exploded, far worse that I had ever had with tarceva. I had dermalogy recommend every potion known to man. And I was full feet to head rash. Miserable. But scan results were stable so we persevered for another 6 weeks. At this stage I was only on dacotinimib But by mid year progression was happening again and we added in the crizotinib. And another side effect. This time my scalp turned into a teeming mess of infection. Hair fell out again, 3rd time, and I added a touch of Staph to the mix. This was truly horribly. All over crusted weeping infection. Disgusting! But slowly we got it all back under control again, and I was well enough to go to Burma for 12 days in September. Dr was a tad worried in case something went wrong, but really, what could go wrong? Hmmmmmmm Gail
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