HI Everyone I do hope everyone is well or as well as can be at this time, i was wondering if those who had head and neck cancer, if anyone has suffered from head spins, when laying down and lately when sitting, my GP thinks it could be a virus my oncologist says it could be fluid in the ear, either way i am not convinced just wondered if anyone else has suffered the same and should i be worried. I do hope everyone has a happy easter as best they can and hope the easter bunny brings way more to you all than chocolate eggs. abs
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Hey abs I have had a bit of imbalance issues to deal with,nothing too drastic though. Have you had any blood work done lately? Might be worth getting your levels checked and see if you are low in anything in particular. I know since I have been taking multi v, vitamin d and magnesium I feel a heap better and my muscles are just so much better also. It is possible it is an ear thing because rt keeps giving and I know my ears are just not the same and get blocked with wax quite easily. In fact I use ear wax drops and that seems to help a bit. Hope you are travelling ok and Happy Easter to you also. Julie
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HI Julie I went to my GP today about the head spins he informed me that it is a virus so who knows so i also asked for a blood test so i get a full on blood test next week so hope things will show up from there but today i have not had any so i am not sure if it is a virus and or part of the treatment. abs
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Hi abs Glad to hear you have seen a doc, least they might get to the bottom of it for you. Hopefully you will continue to have no more and it turns out to be a virus that passes as quickly as it arrives. Not a bad idea to get bloods done post treatment anyway, least you know what is what. Julie
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