Well this is a week I can't forget in a hurry, saw the Doctors at the cancer care unit on Friday, news was not good, there is nothing they can do as far as an operation just offer him some chemo to make him more comfortable and want us to read some things about a clinical trial, the cancer has spread outside the primary site to his bones and they said to go ahead on Monday with the bone biopsy, just to clarify things. God this is hard, both of us are not sleeping too well at the moment, things just keep going around and around in our heads, it is worse for Les as he is having trouble coming to terms with everything and I just cannot believe it as most days he looks well except for the weight loss and he gets very tired by the afternoon. We have so much to discuss as I think we are still in a state of denial,have to find a place to live but so hard in Sydney as we are on a pension and have only the caravan to live in at the moment,and we are parked at our daughters place, which even though it is great, I think we both need our own space.Well will see how biopsy goes and make a decision about the chemo.
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