I have pondered this question in my head many a time but unfortunately it may be something I have to answer sooner rather than later... Are you ever ready for it? How do you tell your kids Daddy is getting sicker? I want to pull down the stars and the moon cause I feel like I'm in darkness. My heart aches for Him and yet my heart is beginning to feel numb. I want my protective instinct to kick in but survival instinct is taking over... just doing enough to get by. I feel like I'm in slow motion and the world is spinning around me. How many times can you go through the stages of grief... When will the tears start and when will they stop? No rule book, no boundaries, only loving advice and other weary hearts to share the burden.. The sun keeps rising and setting and another day dawns... I feel fortunate to have another day with him but the days are so hard sometimes. Pieces of my porcelain heart are breaking and I fear it may unravel into dust... But we rise and fall. we climb the next mountain and when we reach the peak, the view is all worth it in the end.
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