And yet, still groggy from the general anesthetic and with the odor of hospital chemicals invading my senses I am inspired to write. As I say, and keep saying (and believing), everything happens for a reason under this great and beautiful universe. From what I can gather, post surgery all seems to be normal. Well, normal is always relative in my case. My normal means no change, nothing to be worried about at this stage and cancer can sit in the backseat..for now. (it is OK to cheer a collective yet cautious WHOO HOO!!!!) I do however, have two ‘issues’ to monitor instead of one. The first being the original (primary) tumour recurrence which includes the blood tests every 4 weeks and the MRI every 6 months and now Dysplasia (precancerous cells in the cervical area) which also need to be monitored with frequentish testing. Both conditions are unrelated and realistically, this won’t be the last time it will happen throughout the 10 years of surveillance. Ebbs and Flows. Back to my everything happens for a reason comment. Whilst chatting to the Oncology Social Worker (let me give you a brief background – you have a general social worker and then you have an oncology social worker – difference being, one deals with all the death, dying and uncertainty bits and the other one…not so much 🙂 So where you see Oncology, rest assured we have our own set of medicos I even have access to a Clinical Psychologist (Oncology) who just deals with cancer related issues. You get the picture. Anyway I had a meeting with Dr. H (Onc. Social Worker) today and she has asked me to provide her with website feedback and at a later stage work with her in a consultant capacity on a project she and my Glasweigian House and Geniushave developed. The project is called: My Kite Will Fly It is an art therapy, emotional expression website for children of parents who are undergoing cancer treatment. It is aimed at different age groups and it is a simply beautiful website that is so inspiring and heartfelt and I think sometimes, it is just what kids need to deal with the tough issues. The opportunity is truly amazing as s the ability to take my patient / hospital / cancer experience and to make it so positive for others near and wide is truly a gift. “They didn’t tell me till last because I was too small” Daniel, 7. When I don’t have predominate cancer issues I will be working tirelessly behind the scenes where needed. Whether it be raising money, shaving my head and asking for donations, raising awareness or using my talents and knowledge to provide a creative outlet for little hearts or souls whose journey needs to be cushioned. I can honestly say with an open heart, mind and soul, the black days that I experienced last week, the insecurity, the heartache, the overdose of cancer discussion in our household until we were ready to purge was well worth it. Sometimes you need to have faith to take the first step, even when you cannot see the staircase in front of you. Sincerest thanks again to you, for your messages of hope, of love, touching base and wishing me well, your precious moments are so appreciated and now, I will go to bed and sleep for a couple of days 🙂 xoxoxox. “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer” Albert Camus
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