Yesterday my partner was doing well. He even helped me cleaning up in the kitchen for the first time in the past few months. Today he has been feeling tired and in the afternoon he told me he felt really weird and all a bit shaky while in bed under doona. I hold him and played with his head for a bit and he felt a bit better. We thought it might be the new chemo he's on. I let him sleep and around 6 p.m. I went to check whether he wanted something to eat. He couldn't say anything apart from yes, no, probably, well, not yet, don't know. I want to get him to a hospital but as usual he disagrees. He could still walk. I'm worried it could be stroke but he had an episode like this before from brain swelling but not to this extent from my memory. It could be seizure as well, right? He doesn't take any anti-seizure drug at all, just dex and some blood pressure pill. Fingers crossed. If he's not better by tomorrow, I'm taking him to the hospital.
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