I am a huge believer in "Everything Happens For A Reason"......... The story I am about to share is a perfect example that there is a blessing in everything in life. Last Wednesday my husband and I had a huge day, we were in hospital with mum from 9am-6pm. We had brunch in Newton and I started to experience strong stomach cramps. My husband suggested I go and purchase water to settle my stomach. As I approached the fridge at the cafe a lovely waiter came up to me and asked If I was okay. I told him I wished to purchase some water. He directed me to this great brand of organic water, as he handed me the water he said "My mother has pancreatic cancer and this all she drinks....". I immediately gave him my full attention and explained our cancer journey to him. This water was amazing ie: Sealand Birch Water that is harvested once a year from April to May. That night I commenced researching the benefits of this water, we can all benefit from this organic water. Late that night I emailed the company straight from their website and I was interested in purchasing this water in bulk for my mother. By 11pm that night a woman by the name of Christine emailed me saying we are giving you the water for free, please give it to your mother. She gave me her mobile and requested I give her a call the next morning. To make a long story very short........ I picked up the water which happened to be a 0.5 km drive from home. I insisted I pay for the water they refused to take money and gave me the water in bulk. I simply told the woman I don't want your sympathy because mum has cancer, the only reason I disclosed to her that mum had cancer was the fact that I needed reassurance that mum could consume it while doing chemo. She never gave me sympathy but rather gave me empathy which made me cry (this was the first time I cried about the fact that mum has cancer). It's the little things in life that matter so much to me. My family has been overwhelmed with kind thoughts, messages and prayers that have come our way over the last fortnight. We are extremely grateful for all the support that has been given to us by doctors, friends, family, colleagues and our employers. We couldn't survive this journey without them all. Life can be so fleeting and precious, we value and cherish everyone who is sharing this journey with us. Love and Light to you all. Sandra Lopes Xx
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