It was the 1st of June when I received an emotional phone call from my mother in law saying a cyst had been discovered in her pancreas. That night we went to RPA for further CT scans. On the night of the 2nd of June she was given the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. The last three weeks have been an overload of information, several tests and scans. Her chemotherapy treatment is scheduled to commence on the 24.6.15. As a family we are very grateful for the medical team that is assisting her with her care and treatment from the RPA hospital. We are extremely appreciative of the state of the art facilities that are available to us from the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse. This amazing man has left a legacy behind that is certainly going to benefit thousands of cancer suffers and their families for generations to come. Welcome to our cancer journey. We are remaining positive, calm and hopeful. Onwards and forwards I say!. Sandra Lopes
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