I have two concerns now. First is re-starting eating and I am imagining food continually but the taste is different. Second is whether the PET scan in mid August will be clear. The oncologist has already said if there is any remaining cancer in the lymph node that surgery is the only remaining option. I am stressed.
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Starting to eat again can be hard as food does and will taste different (everyone has different taste changes). I started back on thick liquids about a week after treatment and was back on solids by week 3 and had my PEG removed. It took about 6months for me to get back 90% of my taste back. Spicy foods can be a problem as I am now very sensitive and I can no longer drink wine or spirits as the high alcohol content burns. I found that some foods would be horrible one week but a fortnight later they would be fine. It is all trial and error. I understand the nervousness regarding your PET scan (known as scanxiety) and there is not much to do to alleviate it. Try to keep busy and not let your mind dwell on it. Surgery isn't that bad been there twice. Stay positive and concentrate on your eating and stretching.
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Good tips from gunbuster, Paul. Re scans I try hard to focus on something else which is hard but doable. Thinking of you Julie
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Thanks all. I seem to settled on strawberry milk. I went cold turkey from the PEG about 5 days ago. I am progressing through the yoghurts to settle on one with taste. Fried sausage and chicken wings etc and even mushrooms are a little tasty. Corn unfortunately little taste. The main issue is that with dry mouth and little saliva I need a liquid to wash down the food. I drove my car for first time in 4 months and although was very tired felt OK afterwards. I realise now that I am in remission , only question is full or partial.
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