Chemo 3 cancelled due to low white blood cell count. Some small respite but still one stubborn lymph node. After one week at home I am still seriously fatigued and no sign of eating. I had morphine a couple of nights and am mixing it up with panadol. I am still unable to face mouth wash etc. Strangely I prefer suffering. The bite on the bile is strong . I thought I was getting better but after venturing out today for a short walk realised how ill I am.
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Hey Paul Try salt and bicarb as a mouthwash. It was recommendd to me bythe dentist at charlie gardiners hospital. Hang inthere! Julie
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Hi Paul Yes..Julie is right...I use Bi-Carb (the one from health food shops as it doesnt contain Aluminium)or salt used as a gargle with warm water.It helps heal mouth ulcers I was getting from the Chemo too.As for Tucker. try making smoothies and sipping/eating slowly. You can make some interesting drinks too, and yes....some are yummy and good for you. Greg
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I am experimenting with all kinds of foods now to see which if any have a taste. Macdonalds - no taste , baked beans no taste , tomato soup no taste. I suspect that bland foods will have no taste and maybe only foods with strong flavours will have a taste and a taste strong enough to overpower the existing taste in my mouth. I am sure I have little saliva which actually dries out completely during the night for a few hours. The roof of my mouth feels like it has almost completely healed. I have 4 weeks until I see the oncologist. I am literally hanging in there.
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Dear Paul You are going thru a tough time I can tell. I had surgery but no chemo or radiation so am no expert. But I have no had appetite and low mood. I have found creamy yoghurt like from Gippsland Dairy to be soothing to eat. It is sort of like eating baby food for adults in the way it fills my mouth with creamy smooth softness. They have yummy flavours like apple and cinnamon and raspberry and coconut. I have no idea if these are what your Dr would recommend but then Maccas isn't every doctors idea of good food either. I found eating the yoghurt slowly and savouring its rich smoothness was helpful is all I am offering by way of ideas. Best wishes Grace
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