You know what?, when you all go silent as I walk pass you at the school gates, I don't hide it very well. I know I don't look so great these days and I may seem a bit aloof, however I am trying really hard to do as you all suggest "get on with it" "look after myself" "be strong for the kids"...... It really has amazed me how quickly the phone has become silent. I have tried to talk to you,I have phoned you in an attempt to reach out, but the conversation is now stilted from your end and you hang up as quickly as you can.....after nearly 25 years of friendship, I don't know, maybe I am expecting too much to ask for your time? Yes, I know you are just sticking to your company protocol, but gee, how can I help resolve the matter if you won't give me the information I need for an account that is in both our names? Yes I sent you a certified death certificate.... Yes I know I am not the "primary account holder" holder....what shall I do? Should I bring his ashes down to your office so you can see for yourself? Oh great thanks, you'll remove Marks name from the health cover, you'll change our health cover from a "Family Cover" to a "Single Parent Cover" and charge me 2 dollars shy of the same amount with the same benefits....however I am lost as to where you think we are no longer still a family? Gahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Humans are so stupid sometimes.
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