i feel so horrible.. my bf last night told me he didnt know if he wanted to be with me or not coz he wasnt sure if he could give me the future i wanted... he has aggressive bowel cancer. I cried and he cried then he told me he loved me and he didnt want to break up. I love him so much i couldnt imagine life without him. I know he was only saying it in my best interest but i cant help but feel hurt 😞 i just want to spend 24-7 with him i know i cant. Im deciding to stick by him but i do admit i am afraid of what could happen.. how would i cope? this sucks 😞
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Hi Maddie, Please don’t feel hurt by the actions of your BF. Similar to your BF, I gave my Fiancée an “out” if he wanted to when I was diagnosed with cancer. The future was unclear and I wanted to allow him the choice. We were married a week before my last chemo.session. I feel your BF actions originated from love. Wishing you the very best. Regards, Reindeer
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thanks :)its hard for me to see that but i guess i do 😞 hope your well xo
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maddie86 I gave my boyfriend the get out clause when I was diagnosed last year - his attitude is - for as long as I'm around so is he. I would say that like me, your BF doesn't want you to see him suffering - I didn't want ANYONE to have to try and cope with what I was going through. I have been extremely fortunate - all my family and friends are still here for me. Try and talk to your boyfriend and let him know that, as uncertain the future is, you want to be there. Take care You have a right to be sad - everyone does
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