Hi everybody, I found out last Friday that my best friend has cervical cancer. She is 32 and very scared that she may not be able to have children. She is very positive but I just don't know how to be with her as I am so upset and feel so helpless. She is due to have an MRI scan on Wednesday to find out what stage the cancer is at. Please can anyone give me any positive experiences or help me to understand what I should expect to hear when I call her on Wednesday. In fact any insight to this would be helpful. I want to say the right things to her to help her get through. Thanks everyone.
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It will depend on the stage...I don't know if you can be prepared for what you're going to hear, just be there for her...to support her, whatever the outcome. The early stages are usually a hystorectomy. I do believe there are treatment options for people if they decide they want to have children...but I'm not 100% certain. I have stage 4 cervical cancer and although I am too far along to have a hystorectomy...I am unable to have anymore kids due to my treatments at the age of 35, luckily I was a rebel teenager and had a daughter when I was 19. I can understand how your friend is going to feel as I was actually planning for another baby when I turned 37. I will keep your friend in my prayers. Both of you stay strong.
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There are no right things to say. The best advice I can give you is be there and just listen. No matter what she says just listen don't tell her not to say things that she feels she needs to get off her chest. She will have stages where she thinks negative and talk about her feels of if setjing goes wrong iit is only natural. She will need to sometimes say these things out loud. It does not mean she is giving up or doesn't believe she can't beat it. I am 29 and have been fighting breast cancer for a year now. The hardest thing I have found is the thought I won't be there for my children, I can not shine the thought of not being able to of had them at all. My thoughts and preys ate with your friend. The nest advice I can give you is sometimes just hold your friend, hug her she may tell you to go away or not to be silly bit you will find that if you no and just hold her for a while sometimes like 1/2 hour she will break and that is good for her and she will thank you at the end of her journey for being there even when she thought she didn't need it. Stay in her life and keep in contact with her reguraly don't be scare to be around her. I am available anytime If you or your friend need support
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