Hey guys My name is Amber. After having my grandmother pass away from breast cancer about 17 years ago, my mum has since suffered from breast cancer - twice - with the second time, just recently, resulting in a double masectomy and transflap surgery (i think thats the technical name?!). My sister and I have since both undergone genetic testing and we both carry the BRAC2 gene. Though i look at this as blessing in disguise - as I am now elegible for the early intervention testing etc - I am aware that time is precious and want to make the absolute most of it living a full life and being the best possible version of myself for my 2 beautiful children (am I bias - maybe a little - lol) and my hubby. While I dont have the headspace to completely adjust my diet regime I am more consiously aware of what I am putting into my body and am learning about a range of "alternative" (dont get me started on this word! lol) preventative measures including supplementation to potentially help ward off the dreaded "C". Ive connected with some beautiful people along my journey so far and I am on a mission to share my learnings with those open to learning alongside me (the whole world if I had it my way! haha). Knowledge is power 🙂 Looking forward to connecting with this beautiful community of people 'My wish to be is uniquely me, and for you too, to be uniquely you.' Amber xx
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