It's been a while as a lot is happening. The Carboplatin after 2 treatments showed no results. The second Tumor in the temporal lobe started doubling, so chemo ceased. Waited for Mutli Disciplinary Meetings of the Drs to determine best procedure which was surgery. 3rd op in 10months. The post op MRi looked promising. The 1st tumor looked stable and the 2nd tumor looked promising. Our next appt was with the Radidation Onc and the Medical Onc to see if stereotactic radiation was a goer for th 2nd tumor as it was small. Alas, he had a seizure on the 26th Oct which put him in hospital for 6days. The ensuing MRI showed that the 2nd tumor was worse than pre op and definitely not suitable for radiation. There were also tumor cels around the rim of the ventricle carried there by the cerebral fluid. We are going to commence Avastin and waiting for a date. I just feel we have to try, even though we may be whistling in the wind. He also has Asphagia from the seizure (a speech defect), but that has improved out of sight. He gets very tired which is part of the tumor growing. He wants to see Christmas, but doesn't think he will. Time will tell.
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