In October last year my mum went to doctor in regards to pain in her abdomen. She suspected gallstones. The answer that came back was unexpected. Cancer in her liver. Doctors said at the time that it was unusual for cancer to begin in the liver and we were hopeful that Mum fell into the small percentage. We were wrong. Bad news after bad news. First cancer was found in the bones of her spine and then after more testing it was found in her bowel. The prognosis being that the cancer had started in her bowel and had spread to her liver and bones in her spine. All of this news came in a matter of weeks. Mum was put onto radiotherapy and chemotherapy. In 2011, we lost my mother in law to breast cancer. Her death was devasting and the impact of her death nearly destroyed my marriage. My husband fell into a deep depression and we separated for three months. It took us a year but we rebuilt our marriage and are now expecting our third child. So to find out we were going to watch another parent go through battling cancer is difficult. You would think that we'd be more prepared, know what to expect but as you know, no cancer story is the same. I am new to this website. Not sure how I wil go but at least starting to write is carthartic.
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