I don't know what it is, can't put my finger on it, don't understand it, don't know what to say.... This is my predicament and I don't have the answers (yet again!) My parent have been married of 50 years, no dramas ever (well not that I can recall), no cross words in front of us kids, I was blessed to have 'ideal' parents. NOW, this blood cancer is here, it is trying to destroy my family, mum and dad are fighting (and boy the words used can't be repeated), dad says that he is leaving mum, mum is crying, dad just won't talk to anyone and I don't know what caused this change. He was in hospital for the last week, and then mum and dad had words on Sunday when she caught him smoking (now 70 years old and smoked since he was 16), she knew that he was trying hard not to smoke but she walked in on Sunday to see him out in the courtyard looking like a kid in a candy shop, having a smoke! She said that she really disappointed and probably said some things that she shouldn't have and left, only returning Monday to pick him up when he was okay to be discharged. Dad came home Monday and announced that he is leaving after his scan in May. End of story, no correspondence being entered into! He has withdrawn half their money and opened a new bank account, he is looking for a panel van to buy (sorry I don't know what they are called these days), and after his scan he is taking off! I spoke to him today and yesterday and he hasn't said anything at all to me. My mum is distraught and my sister is beside herself! I have booked flights to see him over the Easter weekend, I don't really know what I will say to him/them, all I know is that this just doesn't seem real and I don't know what to do to help. I have a gut feeling that something else has been said by someone but I have no idea who or what. Has anyone else had this?? What am I suppose to say? I would love some words of wisdom or advice if anyone can help. Again, I have waffled on, I hope everyone is doing well, I think today is the day that Chris' dad arrives for two weeks...I hope all goes better than expected Chris! Katie 🙂
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