People keep telling me that there is hard road ahead - well people it's pretty crap already , my Dad has stage 4 lung cancer with secondary tumors in his brain and as of last Friday they think that there is cancer spreading into his bones. I am finding it hard to discuss things that aren't clinical with most people i know because i don't know if they will understand, so looking around today and found these wonderful blogs from great people who have been there done this and found myself reading through and gaining inspiration from some and heart break from others. Dad was diagnosed just before Christmas last year and the feeling at the beginning was hopeful , we'll get through radiation then see what's next , then it was Chemo it started about a month ago. Chemo has now stopped the Doctor's say it's not the right action and it's Palliative care time. So that means me moving home to help mum care for dad - i started moving back on Saturday. Dad was hospitalised on Sunday night - he was having trouble breathing. I am scared , i am angry , i am loosing the hope that was once there - no one can tell me how to do this??? each day bring a whole new bunch of stuff to discuss , worry about. Yesterday bought Dad being hospitalised , today bought the notification from the real estate stating that the owners of our rented home is being sold. What will tomorrow bring ??? Hopefully some strength , it's needed right now. Let's try sleeping on that , maybe some positive thoughts may bring a better tomorrow ??? Over and out Amie
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