Because I cannot be with my Dad everyday I am feeling a little disconnected. In my mind I know that he is going to succumb to cancer but in my heart it feels like it is all just a dream. That I will wake up soon and all will be well. If I sit down and think about the reality I cannot function, so therefore I am pushing it aside. I dread every time the phone rings and I only realised that today.
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Hi there. I know how you feel. I have had my dad with me the past 11 days and he has fallen and sleeps a lot but now that he is back home I really worry as he is on his own. I know when my daughter drove him home I was really sad but I still don't think I have recovered physically from his stay. But I would do it all again just to have that peace of mind that at least when he is here I know what he is doing. Like you I know dad won't be around much longer but I too think all will work out but deep down I know it won't. Everyone tells me to prepare for when dad goes but I just can't do that. Yeah everytime my phone rings I think "Oh no" How do we cope. You take care of yourself xo Chris
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