Attended my oncologist appointment on Thursday and the news was not promising. I was informed my cancer is a Stage 4 NSCLC - which is not great. I start chemo on the 28th June which will go for 4 mths and then they will review to see if it has had any impact. Once the news was shared I decided to research about this - WOW not much good news out there. I did this because I needed to realistic and prepared for what is to come. I needed to get myself in a place where I could face this news.. One site states: Prognosis With Stage 4 (Metastatic) Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer The overall 5-year survival rate for stage 4 lung cancer is sadly less than 10%. The median survival time (time at which 50% of patients are alive and 50% have passed away) is about 8 months. Well to those numbers I say I am 110% committed to fighting this cancer and I am 99% sure that if anyone can beat this it will be me. Some may say this is delusional unrealistic thinking but I say thinking like this is positive and will get me far in this battle.
The news is indeed what you would not have hoped for, but a positive approach to this goes a long way. The stats and prognosis are a bit like "pointing the bone", dont think that they are the only outcome. Ian Gawler is an outstanding example of what can be achieved in the battle with this insidious disease. Keep fighting Wombat4
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I am hoping that you are in the 10% who live more than 5 years and many more beyond that. Hopefully your chemo will be successful and even better than expected by anyone.
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Hi Rubes Stats sometimes can do your head in.. I agree we need then to know and try to me realistic. They are not good for pancreatic cancer either. I try to focus on one day at a time because in the end that is all any of us have. I hope you make the 10% and wish you well with your treatment. Rikki
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I hope with all my heart that you are in the 10% and beat this disease,but I believe your positivity and fighting spirit are worth more than any stats.These attributes can beat any stat and nobody can measure how much they help and contribute to wellbeing,you stay on the path you are on and continue to fight the way you know how,I am cheering for you and have every faith that you can and will do it.Huge Hugs and wishes your way Tina
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Hi Rubes Life is so tough at times, but so are we! Sending you warm hugs of comfort and strength, Pamela
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Looks like you've been on the same websites as me. I gave up looking it got way too depressing. The best I could come up with is that 2% of lung cancers diagnosed this year will be in people under 45. So there will be maybe 200 of us in Australia this year. My oncologist doest tell me what stage I'm at, just that it's advanced. There isn't a lot of info for us young ones. Maybe it's something we should look at changing. Not sure how though. Check through some of the info on the australian lung foundation site and the Kylie Johnstone website. She was our age, can be a bit depressing on there though....
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