Hi everyone. I have been reading all the blogs but haven't posted since going to America in August.Quick update.Had a lovely time in US. Travelled to Santa Monica,Toronto in Canada (Niagra Falls)Iowa for speedway, Las Vegas (a place you have to see for yourself,photos and videos don't do it justice) and then Beverly Hills.Did the walk down Rodeo drive but the fantasy is better than the reality. All in all a great time although husband had a few days where he could hardly walk but we have had the holiday we never thought we would have. We had my daughters wedding in October which went off without a hitch and went to Adelaide for our grandsons Christening in Nov which was a fun time.Stepson and Daughter-in-law are having another baby in May (Grandson will be 14 months old) so something else to look forward to. Since returning from US hubby has been on a new regime of intravenous chemo (this time through a port instead of picline)It makes him a lot more tired and he has lost his hair.CEA cancer markers are going up and looks like this lot may not be working. Had an MRI today and will get the results on Thursday and find out what is next.Oh how I hate the waiting. Have just consumed too many chocolates and dont feel any better. Well thats the update since August. Take care Gail
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