Hi sending this from my iphone - harder than on the computer. In hospital after non cancer related surgery & having a few problems-is it ever going 2 turn out ok 4 me. Just reaching out 2 you guys cause the tears are flowing & im feeling a little scared & sad. My love 2 u all, Willow xo
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awww willow ... sending you lots of hugss and thinking of you. I cut my hand today and have to drive to perth tomorrow, am all steri stripped up. 🙂 Cheer up and hopefully you will be out soon. Julie
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sorry to hear this Willow. sending you all our blessing and hugs hope you are out real soon Linda
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Oh Willow, How privileged we are that you feel you can reach out to us. Things will settle soon, I'm sure. Let the tears flow if it helps but also remember to take big breaths as well. Take care, S
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Willow - lots of care and healing thoughts to you. Isn't it awful being hospital!! It always makes me alittle scared too. I hope you're home soon in your own space, and can soon look back on this rough patch and feel glad it's over! I'm impressed that you can blog on your iphone (I don't have one but you've inspired me!) Lots of deep breaths and gentle thoughts - take care. Zen
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