Hi this is my first blog, but somehow I don't feel so new at this. My Mum has advanced cancer she was told roughly 18 months ago of her cancer. It started in the uterus and spread to her lungs. It has now spread to her brain. My Mum was a very young 70 something. She did not drink or smoke and was physically very active. She even rode a push bike up until a couple of years ago. She is my inspiration and has lots and lots of support. My two sisters and I are staying with our parents in country Victoria. I have taken long service leave to help out as much as possible. Mum has heaps of grand children that are very willing to help and support her. Our family will never be the same . My Dad has never been apart from his darling Jane ( my mum ) . We will pull together and stay strong for the road is going to get really tough. My two sisters are participating in the cure for cancer ride in October. They along with the family have managed to raise well over $13,000.00 dollars. I feel very very proud. We must find a cure for CANCER......................................................
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