Today I had my 19th radio session and my 5th bottle of chemo attatched,which now means I have only 9 radio sessions left and 1 more infusor next week this is the high point I am now nearing the end of this part of my journey.I have been so very lucky that up to this point I have had minimal problems with either of the radio or chemo treatments.Stupidly then comes the low point see the surgeon find out how these treatments have gone,have they shrunk this tumour,is this insidious cancer still only in the one spot[no mets] then and only then prepare to have the first operation you have ever had to remove a perfectally healthy bowel,seal off the rectal passage where this cancer is and prepare for life with a permanent colostomy bag.So I continue to ride the highs and lows and do so because I want to live and see my grandchildren one day,I want to care for my parents as they get older and I want to support others on this rollercoaster ride.So to all out there in the world of the big c I am so glad you are there,that you always listen,offer support and kind words,they are what makes this journey so much easier.Huge hugs and wishes to all stay strong,together this rollercoaster ride is a little less scary.Tina
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