Had xrays again yesterday. Ready to go back to the Oncologist in Sydney next week. Something lifted last week and the chronic fatigue is now only fatigue! Well its an improvement!! Several rounds of antibiotics later my ear and throat infection seem almost gone, just niggles of pain, so that helped. Generally I feel I am improving - thank you God. I am seeking joy!!!! I haven't enJOYed anything for ages, so thought I should put some effort into finding some. I hope eveyone out there can find some joy in their lives also, despite circumstances Bless you all mg
Good on you mg, It must be truly wonderful to feel as if you are improving. Relish good health. Wombat4
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That's great mg. Best wishes
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Hi mg I believe if you seek joy you will find it - as you have done :-) It is not happiness, but something much more profound. Once found, you can keep it at the core of your being despite adverse circumstances. It goes hand-in-hand with thankfulness. Warm hugs, strength and healing to you, Pamela 😉
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