....... in my garden, whining to myself, damn I'm always cleaning, working in this garden. You see, there is huge tree in my neighbours yard, that sheds leaves, bark, blossoms, at this time of year. After I had strained, sweated and then swore at "The Tree" for being so inconsiderate.... I composed myself, then "OH NO" the wind is starting again, my newly cleaned yard has only been clean for five minutes. Then... I stopped and listened to the sound of the wind rustling thru "The Tree" and realised how beautiful the sound was. The sound returned me to a memory. My husband and I chose to marry in the mountains.. the day we visited the venue at "Chapel Hill" which overlooks a valley... it was a windy day, the wind was racing through the trees in the valley. I stood and listened, my mind and my spirit was completely filled with wonder, we both knew we wanted to be married there. I had been recently diagnosed with cancer, the road ahead was going to be eventful. We planned an April wedding, the day came, the sky was the deepest blue, there was a slight breeze, the horse and carriage arrived (a childhood dream of mine) and I stepped out, wearing my wig... I named Juliet. I did not think of cancer at any moment that day, I smiled, I laughed, I loved and was loved .. it was a day to remember. So now I say thanks to "The Tree" instead of ##**###, today anyway, tomorrow I may think differently 🙂
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