In November, Greg and I attended a 'Couples Retreat' organized by the Cancer council. It involved 6 couples and two counsellors, we spent Saturday and Sunday learning about communication. One of the activities we did on the Sunday afternoon involved a labyrinth, a path made out of paving stones (I would have hated to be the one who laid them) that wound around and around, you started on the outside and ended in the middle. For me, the weekend had been challenging and frustrating, I had been looking forward to it as an opportunity for Greg to meet with other blokes some of who had cancer themselves and some who were partners. We didn't know it at the time, but his tumour on the brain was obviously present and was having a HUGE effect on his input. The labryinth activity was the 'thing' I got the most out of the whole weekend.......I'll let you read and see what you think. The Labyrinth I enter the labyrinth, a winding path. Others have entered before me, others will enter after me. I have been asked to move carefully, reflectively. It is noisy. I am too aware of the people around me. My head tips forward and falls around my face, it is not a shield and yet is is. I am following the winding path, turning, changing. My shoulders are hunched, I worry that I am not 'getting it'. Footsteps beside me, in front of me, all around me. I don't feel comfortable, what am I doing here? The footsteps are moving away, they have travelled the path I am on but are not so close to me now. I breathe, I stand taller. It is not so noisy now. I begin to focus, centre myself, consciously focussing on where my foot will land on the path. I am curious, which way does the path lead? I raise my head and look further along the path. I am unsteady. I am not balanced. I re-focus my eyes to the path immediately before my feet. I am balanced. There is silence, those on the path ahead of me have completed their journey. Only one other remains on the path with me, they are behind me. We respect each other's space. Qietly, meditatively we walk. The path is tighter, the turns come sooner. My balance is best when I focus just ahead of my feet. I am standing tall and straight. Balanced. Breathing. I have found its centre and in doing so, have found my centre.
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