Just been diagnosed with Melanoma in the lymph nodes. Am terrified. AM in the process of Pet scans, Mri's etc. Am in remission from Hodgkins Lymphoma Oct 2010. How unlucky can I be??? Got shocking pain in the middle of my chest and right shoulder. Can anyone tell me if there is a good chance of survival from this cancer? I'm a mother to 3 young boys. Please give me some hope?
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Hello Myboys3, Every cancer diagnosis is different. I understand the fear you have, I also understand how confronting death can instill so much fear you tend to miss the reality. I was told I only had around 5 years. I was told this by another woman who seemed to have the same diagnosis as I did. Well, did I prove her wrong. Thirteen years and still going strong. Three cancers later and still breathing. I must try and let you know, try not to let fear hinder your healing. I do wish you much strength during this time, as I too knows how wonderful it is to let people know you are in remission only to be told you have it again. Cry, rant and rave, but try not to fear what is unknown. God's blessing to you and your family and I do wish you much strength. I will also send you positive thoughts.. Annie333
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Hi Myboys3, I have no idea about your cancer but I wish I was just sitting next to you so I could give you a hug. If it's any help, I think there's always hope. I'm so sorry you have to go through all this. If you want to rant and rave or get anything at all off your chest, please feel free to send a pm.
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I can't answer your question either.All I can say is that I am sorry that you are going through this ordeal.It does seem unfair .It must be bad enough waiting for test results and then a treatment plan ,all the time in pain. I understand your fears and hope that the outcome is better than what you dread.
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I have sept this yr been diagonised with metatis maligannt melanoma in my lymph nodes groin and have just gone thru groin dissection and waiting for that to heal then onto .??????? i too am at a loss as what to expect and what is around corner my mole was removed 17 yrs ago so for this to come back now is strange and so not fair willing to chat anytime hope you doing ok ..
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I have recently been diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. I had a huge melanoma on my scalp and its in my lymph nodes. I have 3 small girls and I know the fear you have. As the above posters have said every cancer is different, and while there is comfort in not having a 'time frame' there is also that uneasy feeling of not really knowing what will happen. No real words of wisdom for you other than to appreciate each day and see the beauty and wonder in your children especially when they laugh. xxx DeeDee
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Hullo Myboys3 and DeeDee and anyone else diagnosed with melanoma who may be reading this thread or anyone else who may wish to pass this link along to others. It's good to know about Melanoma Institute Australia in Sydney as a treatment centre option if Sydney is within your reach. Here's a quote from a document I posted elsewhere: "Melanoma Institute Australia at www.melanoma.org.au (formerly the Sydney Melanoma Unit at ....smu.org.au) - I haven't had a chance to check their website out in detail yet so I will quote: They say: "Melanoma Institute Australia is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to preventing and curing melanoma through innovative, world-class research, treatment and education programs. Based in the Poche Centre, the world’s largest melanoma research and treatment centre, Melanoma Institute Australia is affiliated with the University of Sydney and St Vincent’s and Mater Health Sydney. Melanoma Institute Australia relies on the generosity of individuals, organisations and government funding to continue its ground breaking work ... " Melanoma SA says [on its website] Melanoma Institute Australia "...is located in the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney and is the largest centre for the treatment of melanoma in the world. It has an international reputation for high quality patient care, research on melanoma and is also involved in community and medical practitioner education about melanoma and other skin cancers."" Cheers - Ed.
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I do not know much but I do know I am sending positive thoughts and on hell of a lot of hugs(((-))). Hope this helps. Thinking of you...
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