Last year about a week after I was diagnosed with cancer my sister went to Europe for a holiday. While she was away I said to my Mum that I missed her. Mum replied that she deserved to have a holiday. In my mind more appropriate responses would have been: she'll be back soon, you can talk on the phone, you've still got me etc. Instead of what seemed like critising me as if I had been complaining. Sorry if this seems very petty. It is just an example of how I sometimes feel that my family does not know how to be supportive. I remember this exchange even though it was 9 months ago because it bothered me. I feel like I have been very well behaved during the whole cancer thing. My work let me have as much time off I as needed/wanted during chemo. I did work quite a lot of shortened days but I also went as much as I could. I didn't take advantage of the situation to just go off having fun on days when I was feeling well. Maybe I should have.
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Hi Allicat, You have done the best thing by writing these feelings down. This will help you move on and find a better place. I have had similar feelings and moments with close friends and family. Cancer can be so lonely sometimes, even when you are in a crowded room. I don't like when family talk about me to each other, not too me as a person. I think it's just a strain on all relationships. If you ever feel like a 'whinge' please write to me. Take care Katie
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Thanks Katie It does help to write things down. I am feeling much better today than I did yesterday.
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I write things on here when I am feeling a bit down and it helps .Sometimes we just need to get it out. I think we all have had inappropriate responses from others and it makes us realise that they don't really understand what we need from them. This is just a part of life ,I think. Sometimes we can feel hurt or disappointed and we can't communicate that to the person . That's where it helps to put it here.I know it doesn't solve the problem fully but it still helps.
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