This evening my bright little 6 year old daughter who is in the top reading group in her class, sat and stared at her home reader and grumpily refused to even sound out words she could easily manage or to think about them related to the pictures etc as they are meant to do. And I am ashamed to say I got really cranky with her for not trying - my husband is still at work even now (8:30pm) thanks to some horrible deadlines he cannot escape, and I feel like I am not keeping all the balls in the air. Not even close. I spent today meeting with the Palliative Care nurse at my mother-in-law's home then taking her to a GP appointment, squeezing in a little shopping and getting some washing off the line, cooked spaghetti bolognaise for dinner, got the dishwasher going - it all seems so small, so minor, and why does it leave me frazzled and exhausted? Its a little thing in one way but its not how I want my home and family to be. And how can we bring Grandma here if this is what our home is like? She surely doesn't want to be listening to home reading dramas and a short tempered mama during her last weeks.....
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