Dear Mr Cancer, I am writing this letter to express my regret and overwhelming sorrow at what you have done to my family. Since you have entered our lives, it has thrown our world into chaos. Do you have any idea what you have taken from us? Do you? We have big dreams, my husband was going to build his dream studio, but you came and caused him so much pain it tears me up inside to see what you are doing to him. And our children... I hate you for what you have made them see and how you are taking their Dad's life away a bit every day. But do you know what? You are not going to win and you have also given us this... Time to spend together just talking and remembering how much we love each other I am a better person and finding strength I never knew existed I am more patient and my life has been given new perspective So, don't even think about taking pleasure because you have won... you haven't. I will continue to write to you and remind you of this everyday if I have to... because ultimately you will not win that is fact!!! Please don't reply because I don't ever want to see your ugly face ever again...stay away from our family thanks. I will fight you to the end My strength and love for my family will win every time Yours regretfully A loving wife
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