Salutations everyone, When I was diagnosed with my tumour I bargained with God and the powers that be that if I made it out 'alive' (the jury is still out on that one but so far so good) that I would do what I can to help. There is a kinship I think that exists between cancer patients, regardless of age, type of cancer or location. I had to have Chemotherapy to save my life and say goodbye to my unborn child at the same time prior to the Hysterectomy and tumour diagnosis. Through it all, we strive, we achieve, we carry on and sometimes we inspire. You are my inspiration. Your stories of courage, your journey, your experiences, your heartbreaks. So this one is for you such beautiful souls and kindred spirits. If you are curious and want to check out the official page - go to Thank you for being such an inspiration. Teach. xxxxx
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