Hi everyone I was wondering if any of you who have had breast radiation have experienced a lot of pain afterwards. I was ok during the treatment - I got a bit sore and a little bit red but overall it was a good reaction. I had my last treatment on Nov 2nd. Since then I have experienced a lot of tenderness from time to time. Lately though, especially the last couple of weeks, I have been really sore and tender. I also have what appears to be restricted movement in my arm - for example when reaching up for something from the cupboard or stretching my arm back to put on a cardigan. I just don't have the range of movement I used to have. Frankly I am a bit fed up with the aches and pains my body is still experiencing since stopping treatment. I read an old blog on the forum page recently about 'painful first steps when getting out of bed in the morning' - I have had this for months. Even if I have been sitting for some time when I get up my legs and feet really ache and I limp for awhile till I loosen up. I feel like an old women and I'm certainly not that yet. I want to do so much with my day too but my physical ability is not matching my mental desires. But after saying all that I would like to say that recently my daughter has been taking me out and about (tennis, movies, shopping, breakfast) and I have been enjoying myself and laughing a lot. It is my New Year resolution to not knock back any invitations. She has also booked a long weekend in Qld over the Labour day wk'end. This was a surprise - she just emailed me the booking details. So whatever else this year brings I am going to make sure I have some fun......hope you are all doing ok......stay strong and take care. All the best, Willow
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