Hi, Ten years on, you'd think uncertainty - would be nothing new! The shifting sands of life, should be something I'm used to, but it would be nice to feel settled for a while. There have been times of feeling temporary "stillness" I guess, but not in a place where I wanted to feel settled. I just needed to move from one rental property to another (chances of taking out a mortgage since cancer diagnosis are very slim), then 5 days after the move, I fell off the side of a 2inch concrete ramp, whilst walking to work (I didn't realise it was a ramp!!) smack straight on to concrete - v.sore right knee and sprained left ankle, so have been coping with crutches!! Work contract likely to be shortened due to "off-shoring" of processes and internal restructure. Absence was not seen in a good light! Family support non existent. Friends are tired of the "constant" hiccups in life... Thankfully I have a strong faith and am sure, something better will be around the corner, each time I hit a low, something turns up, to rescue me, so trusting in God and being thankful that I didn't break a hip or shoulder in the fall! "Rant over". Stress just catching up with me! I really do have so much to be grateful for!
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