I'm writing today as I think it's easier sometimes to cope. I got told a month ago that there is nothing more the doctors can do so I'm now classed as in curable. I'm undergoing Pallative treatment as my cancer has now spread to my liver, bones and lungs. How do you fit a lifetime into a few months? I have only had a few meltdowns as I'm actually angry that my life is going to end. I'm still young and have so much to look forward too. I look at my children and of course you do the whole 'Why do I have to be so lucky'. We have planned a cruise in a month so I'm now hoping I can at least have a relaxing time with my family and not be in too much pain. I will be able to put my feet up and enjoy the smiles on my families faces. I will live every moment with happy memories and as they say 'life is precious'.
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