My boyfriend has quit quitting, he is smoking again, I am so worried, he has developed a cough and sniffles a lot, I think its because he is smoking again but cannot say anything to him because he snaps my head off every time I try to say anything to him about it. He seems to think because the cancer removed from his lung turned out to be melanoma that smoking is ok and he has to stay out of the sun and all will be well. How can anyone think it is ok to smoke. Not sure if it was right or wrong but I told his mother he has stopped using his patches and is still smoking and never really stopped the whole time. She wasn't surprised and said she will try and talk to him about it. Now I worry he will be angry at me if he finds out I said something. We are still waiting to get an appointment to see the melanoma clinic, it has been weeks and I said to him this morning that he should ring and see if he can find out when he will get an appointment. I hope he does but very much doubt he will. On a happier note its poker night again this Saturday night, the family get together monthly and dress up and play poker, its nice to have a bit of fun so hope it isn't to cold.
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