I saw my Oncologist yesterday. Well I thought I would get good news, but he took the wind out of my sails I'm afraid. My liver is in decline. there are new lesions and some of the others have grown abit. Looking at options for 2nd round of treatment now. will see Dr. in two weeks time for these options. Hubby and I have decided to take off for a few days to a week, just get in the car and go somewhere, wherever the wind takes us so to speak. no plans just cruise and enjoy the journey while its there. A day at a time. What else can we do. I also went shopping today. A little retail therapy is always good for the soul. I have been looking at getting a new camera for a while and the one I was looking at was on a major special at the local camera store. It is a Canon 1000D slr. Twin lens kit. Only an amateur hobby photographer here. Will learn how to use it as I go.. LOL. Dont know if anyone out there is familiar with this camera, I think I got a good one. Vicki
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