A line in the sand can be altered in many ways. The wind and the surf, for instance. The surf is a constant.

As the tide changes with the passage of time.  The breeze or wind is another factor that can alter that line.

And imagine all the other variables. The line drawn is established concept of the goal, the end result crafted in design with purpose and intent.

Cancer treatment encourages hope and a path forward, beyond the line. As long as the line is constant and  visible.

 Chemo and radiation therapy are variables with evidence to encourage the reinforcement of hope.

The counsel of the care providers and all of the other people in support, give an enormous sense of

satisfaction in the will to believe there is another path awaiting.

Honestly, I am uncertain, with mixed feelings. but I'm also one to embrace the positive of looking forward.

The power of Positive thinking or mental attitude. Borrowing a phrase from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

I believe our bodies are very capable and designed to maintain good to excellent physical health.

Given we do our part in proper care. Meaning healthy choices over time. Like the long term of our life span. Our bodies do all these wonderful things behind the scenes without much thought to the actual goings on. I also like to believe consciously we can direct our bodies to get well. I mean, why not? We have a mind and a brain, a spirit and soul. 

So I'm attempting to be optimistic  about the process of healing and restoration to a healthy state of being. 

This week I resume chemo in a lower dose. As to minimize the effects. It is difficult for me to not focus on the downside of the chemo.

So I need to practice on my positive mental outlook and empower my thoughts to believe in the process that will heal and restore.

Meanwhile, back to living life, Right?  Back to my drafting table drawing nature as I see it. Spending good quality time with my "Wooki". My faithful labordoodle, best friend on the planet. Pictures later, maybe.

At this moment attending to cranberry orange muffins fresh from the oven.

Have a great day.









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