I'm a bit lost. My mum and sister both diagnosed with Breast cancer, two different types. Mum is doing good, clear for the past 18 Months but what do I say to my sister, I live far away and can't just hop in the car to see her, which I really want to do. What do I say...what can I say....any help is welcome.
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Hi Cadolph, Welcome to Cancer Connections. Thanks for your recent posts. We understand how important it is for you to be supported at this time and hope are finding the community of benefit. During normal business hours, our Cancer Helpline - 13 11 20 - can assist you with information about your current situation. Our Cancer Connections Carer Resources can also provide helpful tips, strategies and other information about Emotions, Communications and other related topics: If you require any assistance using the Cancer Connections website, don't hesitate to contact us at Kind regards, Felix Cancer Connections Admin Team
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