Well everything has moved so fast in the past few weeks and my head is spinning. My brother who I am the sole person who is responsible for all medical decisions has finally been diagnosed with lung cancer and now after PET scan they have found he has throat cancer as well. He lives in a supported accommodation facility and has for the past 6 years after having an acquired brain injury because of alcohol abuse, sad given that he is only 66 this year. He does not remember anything in the present so explaining this all to him is so difficult given that I am a person that feels that he has a right to know how bad this is. People tell me don't tell him.... Now we are finally up to him going soon for a biopsy on the lymph glands in his throat to see what type of cancer they are dealing with after that perhaps radiotherapy to try and shrink it. I have made the decision that given that he does not appear to have a reasonable quality of live currently....laying in bed all day and not having any interaction with others at all that the least evasive and aggressive approach to his cancers would be the best for him given that he has gone through so much in the last 6 years. As long as he is able to eat, drink and is not in pain....this is very hard and would never wish these decisions on others at all. I myself have my own health issues so making sure he is OK and another brother (both of these brothers have never married or had any children) who is also quite ill are looked after is going to be hard but hey at least they have me and that is important.
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