I saw an orthopaedic doctor following a MRI scan. He thought it was a chondrosarcoma originating in the left ilium pelvic wing and set up core biopsy and PET scans to find out what it was.His treatment plan was to cut it out, taking out the left ilium crest along with the tumor. I asked about how disabled I would be after the surgery and said I would be almost not disabled at all and could walk and mumbling quickly about "with calipers". And when I asked for more info he got angry and said it would kill me otherwise. I am needing more information and wondering if there is anyone who has had a similar operation and what the consequences were.
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Hi NickB - Hopefully you still come onto this site as it was quite a few months ago that you posted. If you are still seeking information from others who have been through similar experiences as yourself - there are lots of people out there on an international facebook site called 'Chondrosarcoma Support Group'. I am on there as my husband has been diagnosed with his 4th episode of CS in his sacrum (tailbone) and it cannot be operated on or cured this time. There are people on this site from the US, Australia, UK, Europe, Ireland etc that all have chondrosarcoma in various area's throughout their bodies and can give advice on what worked for them etc. Where in Australia are you? We are in Perth. Good luck and hope things have gone well for you since you last posted here. Jodii
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