My partner has a new nickname, Mickey Mouse. He likes this nickname as he watched Mickey Mouse cartoon as a kid and that he has a chance to be a lab rat/guinea pig whatever you want to call for this clinical trial we try to get him in. Yesterday we thought he wouldn't be able to join due to a long list of supplements that he has or has taken which could complicate thing with the trial. This morning, we were informed of a 'good' news that he has been given a green light to participate in the trial but not allow to take any supplement from now on. Now, let's think if it's a good news. It's sort of a good news as he gets to try a new drug that seems to be promising in the lab. However, it's the first time they test this drug in human and that's something I'm a bit uncertain about. At least, to our knowledge, there are two persons in this program already and they are still alive... and well, I hope. Fingers crossed!
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