Hope you are all having a good day.I am extremely tired after a busy weekend.Saturday went house hunting with my Daughter to Nowra.Saturday night my Daughter in law to be had organized a great night out starting with chinese dinner followed by live Acca Dacca tribute show.was great night but late.Yesterday we went to see the Dragons only my second rugby game I don't understand it much as I am an ex West Aussie (go the Dockers).I really enjoyed my weekend as once chemo starts I don't know what to expect.I have to see my gastro surgeon tomorrow for my 2 year check up after gastric bypass should have gone in august.At least the weekend took my mind off of cancer for a while.I always seem to be tired and my treatment hasn't even started yet is that normal.
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Ohhhhhh, go the Eagles!!! lol Sounds like you had a busy w/e ... nowhere near as busy over here in the west 🙂 I felt tired when i was first diagnosed and i think a lot of people can look back and say they were more lethargic and didnt realise it. You can research the side effects of the particular chemo you are going to have and that will give you an idea. Of course everyone reacts differently, so its only ever a guide. I do barrack for the dockers if they arent playing the eagles. haha Julie
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