If you want to reduce side effects of your chemo by half and have your chemo work more effectively get on to this stuff. This is a complementary therapy that has been trialed in Japan and has had some amazing results. Dr Nanba who was the Dean of a pharmacy in a major university in Osaka found that two thirds to three quarters of the patients on this gear with chemo had significant tumor reduction as compared with those just on chemo alone. In essence what it does is regulate your immune system and encourages your natural cancer fighting cells to track down the cancerous cells and wipe them out. This is one of those cancer story's that will appear on the news one day and then they will say that in ten years time after phase 111-1V trails it will be known for sure. This stuff has just started phase 111 trials at Sloan Kettering in the States. I was lucky enough to get this from a Molecular Biologist in Japan when I was undergoing chemo for five tumors in my liver that came via the bowel. Lucky for me I am cancer free. This stuff ain't a miracle cure but for me it certainly helped. Luke Story
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